But what does sustainability mean?

We asked 12 architecture firms to give us their answer by designing the suites and common areas of MODE, the new hotel in Rimini designed according to a sustainable accommodation model.

Each studio will design one environment - the nine suites, the co-working area, the common areas of the entrance and staircase - giving us their personal interpretation of the green design concept.

MODE - Eco mood hotel
Via Giovanni delle Bande Nere, 10
Rimini, Italy

Mode Hotels will be the first truly green hotel in Rimini, not green washing but GREEN right from the construction process. The entire supply chain, both during and after construction, will be selected on the basis of criteria based primarily on environmental sustainability, energy saving and the use of clean energy, the use of natural and recycled materials, against waste and pollution.

Mode Hotel will position itself as a hub for experimentation on sustainability issues for both designers and companies involved.

'The hotel rethinking the hotel'

Recovery of rainwater and grey water from showers and sinks.

Use of clean energy.

Charging stations for electric mobility.

Choice of ultra-low consumption appliances.

Selection of eco-friendly building materials.

Honesty bar with 0 km products.

Eco Courtesy Kits: no to single-dose products, yes to dispensers and solid products.

Choice of products made from recycled materials (paper and plastic).

Water-saving mixers to limit water consumption.

Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.


Raising guests' awareness because sustainability is first and foremost culture.

A sustainable idea


A sustainable project


mode - Eco mood hotel

Are you a company?
That is why participating in MODE.
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Who we address

Our target audience looks like us. Curious dreamers in love with the world.

Travellers who understand travel as a time to relax and detox, who unplug and dedicate time to themselves, to regenerate but also to experience and feel good.

But also business workers who, between a bike ride and a dip in the sea, need to connect for a quick call and work in the co-working area.

Conscious travellers, eager for life who return home enriched by new knowledge, without burdening the environment.

And then it is us, the citizens, who are looking for a place to get together around a different way of doing things.

"A place where we talk about sustainability, experiment with new solutions, create ideas, where things are done with a different approach."