In the design of the suite, we focused on the concept of discreet luxury, eliminating what we consider superfluous in a hotel room, which could generate visual 'noise' and distract attention from the true essence of the design. The furnishings offered to guests are quality, handcrafted in flavour and aim for durability. Playing on the adjective 'unrestrained', often combined with 'luxury' in a baroque and exaggerated sense of the term, we capitalise on the meaning of the term in this room, while keeping the promise of high quality and staging sophisticated design for those staying in the room.

Project moodboard



NOA is a collective of architects and interior designers founded in 2011 by Stefan Rier and Lukas Rungger. With more than a decade of experience, the studio has established itself as the industry standard for hospitality architecture and design, with completed projects throughout the Alps and new concepts in the pipeline in the Netherlands, Croatia, the USA and the Caribbean. Following an approach that is always curious and never conventional, NOA has expanded its portfolio in recent years with the creation of new architectural categories. These include the Ötzi Peak viewing platform on the Val Senales glacier, the Transsensorial Gateway sound installation for INTERNI Creative Connections and the competition proposal for the new European Library in Milan. The underlying philosophy of the studio revolves around the vision of the project as a path to knowledge and as a tool to tell stories, bringing added value to the places in which NOA's architectural works are inserted.