Mare 3.0 stems from the desire to create a physical and material transposition of a sea that looks to the future, that makes a virtue out of disadvantage, where architecture becomes a catalyst for new noble processes with a twofold objective: to activate a virtuous cycle of regenerated and regenerable matter, which means cleaning the sea of what it rejects, because it does not belong to it, and transforming it into a fundamental compositional element that gives life to a new space, a Mare 3.0 room.
The intention is to combine sustainability and Genius Loci, making the sea more liveable today to give it back better for future generations.

In this project, it will be the materials that will do the talking: from both residues and natural waste such as wood, seaweed and shells, and from purification processes and thus, plastics, fishing nets, inorganic waste in general. Thus encouraging large and small companies that make research their workhorse by bringing them into the concrete realisation of our room.

The aesthetic implication will be an environment with neutral tones that echo the colours of sand and rocks, punctuated by accents of light blue and blue.

The challenge is also to achieve a low impact on the environment, demonstrating how it is possible to imagine and realise new architectures while maintaining a zero carbon footprint.

Mare 3.0 is a tangible manifestation of a new and necessary circular economy, with a focus on the element water, now more fragile than ever and in need of protection.

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