Estate Italiana recounts that carefree way of experiencing a summer holiday on the Riviera.

It is that atmosphere of the 1950s and 1960s loved by the whole world and interpreted by OTTO Studio for Mode Hotel.

The room designed by Paola Navone and Gianpaolo Venier for OTTO Studio with art direction by Cristina Pettenuzzo is an up-to-date homage to the uniqueness of Rimini hospitality.

The project was conceived by focusing on the sustainability of the materials and the possibility of their recycling. The thread running through the project is the consideration of the environmental impact of the project itself and the future disposal of its materials.

The layout of the Mode Hotel suite is fluid so that guests can experience the space in a joyful, free and relaxed way, whether on holiday, at work or while studying.

The private space has a generous living area to offer a solution to the new possibilities of mobility and increased permanence provided by the now consolidated use of smart working. This makes the facility usable at any time of the year when one wants to experience the city, even for long periods.

Sorbet-coloured cabins and striped parasols inspire the patterns and tones of the décor.

Fresh, light colours with a few energetic touches cover the furniture, upholstery and accessories.

The materials are pleasant to look at and touch, safe and above all sustainable.

Project moodboard



OTTO Studio was born from the creative vision ofi Paola Navone.

A multidisciplinary design studio consisting of a team of fifteen people, it works with a varied portfolio of international clients for whom it realises projects of interior design and product design, including creative direction, graphics and styling.

Paola Navone

Outspoken, dreamy, eclectic: in her soul coexist flavours and colours of the south of the world, known, loved, frequented, combined with the taste and forms of the West, rich in tradition, open, on the move. Hence her inexhaustible curiosity in search of materials, forms and structures, in the present, past and future.
An architect and interior designer, she is a product designer, art director and founder of OTTO, a Milan-based design studio.

Cristina Pettenuzzo

Even as a child, she drew plans of imaginary houses and painted on her clothes.
Growing up, her interests oscillated between fashion and design, fascinated at the same time
from art, photography, antiques and contemporary jewellery. A serial hoarder of things and objects found around the world, she loves to travel backpacking with her compass pointing East, towards Asia, in constant search.
He does creative direction and designs objects and accessories for the home. She designs surfaces, textiles, patterns and imagines sets for interiors and ephemeral installations. With his passion for images, he is Otto's eyes, taking care of the creative and stylistic aspects.

Paola Navone

An incurable traveller, he moves lightly and curiously from east to west, north to south driven by his instinct to discover new territories of inspiration for his work. He designs interiors, temporary fittings, objects and textiles, as well as creative direction. He loves designing fashion, including his own clothes. And he paints. Born in Trieste, not surprisingly overlooking the Molo Audace, he has lived in London and New York, before moving to Milan. He defines himself as an urban animal, despite having chosen Siros, in the Cyclades, as his place of choice. For now.