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A window on landscapes in real time. Through a circular ledwall you can see live views of the webs around the world.

That is why we can have living green in every room.
Also in the bedroom

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Roberta studio

Building on the study of Biophilia, a scientific hypothesis proposed in 1984 by Edward O. Wilson in which he empirically detected in human beings an innate tendency to focus on life and life processes, in 2002 he better defined biophilia as an innate tendency to focus our attention on life forms and everything around them and, in certain circumstances, to become emotionally attached to them.
ROBERTA STUDIO, a landscape architecture studio based in Italy and with high-profile projects throughout Europe, founded by Roberta Filippini, boasts the collaboration of landscape architects, architects, agronomists and designers who work to bring people back to a new and rediscovered relationship with nature according to the principles of ecology, sustainability and design.
The team works synergistically at different project scales to accommodate human, animal and the various forms of nature to design a future of relationships, between history and innovation.

Roberta Filippini

Roberta Filippini, artistic and technical director of ROBERTA STUDIO, is a landscape architect and designer. Born in Milan in 1983, she studied at the Milan Polytechnic and ETSAV in Valencia. She has been working in the sector for more than ten years, approaching the world of landscape from the territorial to the domestic scale, through projects that project into the future by combining man and nature for a collaborative and harmonious coexistence.

Her main projects include masterplans for urban regeneration in Italy and abroad, major competitions for ideas and design, and indoor installations that follow the principles of biophilic design, for sustainable design that redesigns, through nature, the spaces in which we live.

He has worked with the LAND Group since 2009 as a designer and project manager and since 2016 as Art Director and co-designer of the TILLANDSIA WALL with Michieli Floricoltura. Among the main projects he has collaborated on in recent years are the VOLVO recharge station, the Saint-Laurent Biodiversity Corridor in Montreal, Porta Nuova in Milan, Urubah Park in Riyadh, the Secret Garden in Mondovì, Tillandsia WALL Cloud for ALbereta Relais & Châteaux, Tillandsia WALL diamonds of Nature for Swarovsk. for Gucci, Konica Minolta and Terrazza Martini.