A surreal and imaginative space.
A rhythm calibrated between pauses and unexpected accents, between neutrality and dynamic colours.
The inspiration for Onirica comes from Fellini's suggestions, circus balances and the nocturnal atmospheres of the Riviera, in a counterpoint of elements that is its most immediate key. The grammar of the hospitality universe and that of luxury meet in an irreverent declination.

Formally Onirica is visionary, but its design choices and material board are based on awareness and attention to sustainability in its broadest sense.
Ceramic, a material of the territory par excellence, covers and decorates the envelope like a fil-rouge. Through the different environments of the room, it declines as many emotional variables.

Project moodboard


Eclectic Design - Lombardini22

Eclettico Design is the brand of Lombardini22 - a leading group in the Italian architecture and engineering scenario - specialised in hospitality and luxury design. Knowledge of the hospitality supply chain and the needs of each actor is the added value to propose unique, efficient and desirable solutions.

Eclectic is a laboratory within a service platform that integrates the specialisations and skills needed in the process of strategic consultancy, project creation and implementation.

The new 'ESG Included' approach inserts a team of ESG specialists into every project, right from the early stages: only in this way is the real estate development able to align with the main ESG criteria and achieve the highest levels of sustainability certification.